Suzhou Industry Park Sheen Machinery Co., Ltd

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            Turning & Milling Products
            Turning Products
            Milling Products
            Linkman:Mr Yao
            Phone:+86 512-62896308
            Fax:+86 512-62896307
            Address:58# Xinjiang Road Shengpu Town Suzhou Industry Park Suzhou China
            Suzhou Industry Park Sheen Machinery Co., Ltd is a precision mechanical manufacturing enterprise. We provide high quality & inexpensive products and provide convenient & quick service for the customers in the industries of communication, dynamo, spinning, hydraulic & aerodynamic element.Sheen Machinery is founded in 2008. Located in 58#...       [More]
            Lathe development trend
            Vertical milling machine development prospects
            Technical safety lathe operating rules
            Technical safety operation rules for milling machine
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            Address: No.58 Xinjiang Road, Shengpu Town, SIP Suzhou, China | Technical support: Suzhou Tianfu Network|苏ICP备15000469号
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